Monday, April 7, 2008

Laura Kim Makes Canadian History!

My Jappy, I mean Gooky, friend Laura purchased a Marc Jacobs bag from Neiman Marcus, via telephone, last week. She originally wanted to purchase online but unfortunately they wouldn't ship to Canada. Racists. So she had to seal the deal via telephone which I think is so Sear's catalogue. So not 2008.

Anyway, today, this chick that sits by me at work started convulsing after receiving this e-mail:
I'm convinced it's because of Laura. She's Korean and that means she's also a bitch and I'm sure she scared the shit out of the woman on the phone. Good work, LK.


jennifer said...

very good work! no way in hell i could ever do without neimans...
by far the best! i'd be fucking pissed too.

Anonymous said...

i was livid. that's right, i used the word, livid.