Friday, April 11, 2008

Best Day Ever #1

Yesterday was the best day of my life which means today is the best day of your life cause you get to read about it. It all started when I gave up my ticket to Montreal's most prestigious awards show and as a result all my two friends, aka Laura and Eva, got mad at me. I tried to get it back but it was already gone, so I had to find another way to get a ticket. And by "get" I mean "make". That's where Jf comes in, who's been all up ons this blog for a week now.

We like to call this mission:
Operation Stick it to The Man

After this awesome accomplishment which took us no more than 15 minutes, we were off to the doctor to get JF's X-rays from his finger injury. In the cab ride, we had a really intense moment of suspense when the meter almost read the same number as the clock. Unfortunately 5:45 didn't come quickly enough. But we weren't going to let this ruin our awesome day.
(This picture was taken moments after the close call).
And it didn't.
The doctor's office was awesome. Even the other patients were cool, as this guy demonstrates.JF ended up having two breaks in his poor little pinky finger but let's not dwell on the bad news. That same day, Anne-Marie got a job! Since we were going to see her at the awards show, we stopped to buy her a special surprise that would show her how proud we were.
Then came the moment of truth when I had to put our ticket to the test. Actually, I won't build this part up because we weren't even worried about me getting in. Our ticket was so real, we were actually more worried about JF and Laura getting rejected.
Success, obviously.
I know these last two pictures are lame but I'm purposely posting them to show you how Anne-Marie was too embarrassed to carry her surprise around all night so I had to do it instead. It was cool though 'cause there were like 500 people there so I became the landmark meeting spot.


Alli said...

I think I'm missing pictures.

Jenny from da Block said...

i'm missing pictures too! I've contacted the site administrator (ms. ghersi) but am yet to receive a response, I shall hold tight until the problem is fixed and I may resume my daily life.

julie L said...

how will i barely avoid death from natural laughter-and-water-choking causes today if your pictures are missing jessica?

ghersionmyjersey said...

all fixed!

jennifer said...

i totally looove the palm tree in the doctor's office...wanna be floridians!

Anonymous said...

see?? aren't you glad you went to THE (pronounced THEE) most prestigious awards show in...wait for it...wait for it...Quebec)??! I love how the balloon is covering the ticket girl's face...this will probably save her job.