Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gotta Love Jayne

I'm pretty cool so it makes sense that my friends are cool too. It's math.
Anyway, Jayne sent me the sweetest Hannukah gift in the world which she also gave to her entire family including her grandparents and cousins. This:

(the copy reads: Good Fucking Morning in comic-sans cause I "designed" it obviously.)

So I always use my mug at work and at the end of every day I put it in this bin in the cafeteria so it can get washed and put back on the "everyone's personal mug" cabinet. But the other morning I noticed it was missing. I wasn't worried 'cause I figured someone had borrowed it and I would just get it the next day. So I kind of forgot about it until the end of the day when I walked past one of the company partner's office and saw this:
That's right...
Good Fucking Morning, Francois Lacoursière!


Pagette said...

wow, this entry is clever and also, super pertinent. I love it, thank you.

ghersionmyjersey said...

hmmm, ok now you're just being plain mean. get a life.

jennifer said...

i really did love it!