Tuesday, April 8, 2008

All Grown Up

Um, JF fucking rocks.
He's so not a hipster. Hipsters don't do this:

That's right. Housework.
I didn't even tell him I was coming over. He was seriously just doing that.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Anne-Marie (his girlfriend) was doing this:
It's tuna tartare. Miam (that's French for "Yum").
And it was probably delicious.
Just another day of "pure domestic bliss" at the JF/Anne-Marie household.

But anyway, that's just how they do.
They're pretty much adults. I gotta grow up here.
I'm gonna go make myself some coffee.


Pagette said...

Its just how we roll.

Pagette said...

oh and yea, the tuna was really delicious.

jennifer said...

coffee...totally a grown up thing. u should try it, for sure.