Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Um, thnaks to JF for pointing out that I look like a loser hipster today.
DE-GO-LASS (I don't fucking care how you spell that).
I just want to use this blog to let all one of you know that this (see picture) will not happen again. Ever.
It is unacceptable and nauseating and eeeuuuwgh.
But, let me just defend myself, if I may, uh, what? I may not? Fine.

Disclaimer: I actually love the shirt I am wearing, just not with this nasty hoody. I was cold. To purchase the shirt go to the Rated Rookies link on the right. To burn the hoody, drag it into photoshop and use the burn tool.


Rated said...

thanks for my design....

ghersionmyjersey said...

i love my shirt. it's stunning.

apy said...


Pagette said...

D├ęgeulasse en fait.