Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In Search: One Man's Quest for His Ball

We went to Dim Sum like 3 months ago and Jeremy wanted to eat this coconut ball he used to eat at the Chinese restaurants in France. He almost cried when the dessert cart came around without it so we went to another bakery. We couldn't find it there either. We found soemething similar that was obviously still delicious cause it's from Chinatown but the inside wasn't the same. He wanted yellow and gooey, this was white and crumbly.
From that moment on, a search began. Laura (Korean), Janina (Indonesian) and I (Venezuelan) decided it was our duty to find the right Coconut Ball. Unfortunately, it still is.
That's why yesterday things got pretty serious.
Jeremy searched the shit out of google images looking for the perfect image.
Janina provided us with not-on-purpose comic relief.
I installed fear in all the designers with my sick sign painting skills.
Laura held the scotch tape.

Let Our Powers Combine...
Earth! Fire! Wind! Water!


apy said...

You're cazy!

Eve Martel said...

I cannot. Stop. Laughing.