Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stinky Package

I just got an amazing package in the mail from Jeremy's parents.
I got a whiff of foot as soon as I opened the box. Always a good sign.
What's inside, you ask?

1 Harry's Brioche, sliced
1 Harry's Chocolate Brioche
1 St. Nectarine AOP (milky, creamy cheese from the Auvergne region of France)
1 Comté, au lait cru (sharp but sweet and fruity cheese from Franche-Comté)
1 Brie
1 Clark magazine vol. 38 (for Jeremy)

Merci, Brigitte et Patrice!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet Loretta Lynn!

This is Loretta Lynn, my friends' (Header and J.Patterson) Boston/Spaniel/Cute mix.
She's precious and I'm obsessed with her.
She jumps like a bunny.
Doug loves her and her vagina a lot.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Look at what I caught!

I ordered this literally 3 minutes after I saw it online.And it arrived 3 minutes after that.
OK fine, 2 days, but that's so fast!It's gonna make my bed look so awesome.

ps- I got it at Baron Bob, your new favorite online store.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We almost didn't paint so we could watch Antique Roadshow

First of all, sorry for that last post. I don't know what happe-PAJAMAS!
Ok, I'm done.
I've been taking a painting class with some pals (Maura, Vince, and JK, aka Just Kidding. That's his name, Just Kidding. I'm not kidding. No. You don't get it. His name is actually Just Kidding. For real. Whatever. Have it your way.)
We've mostly been doing still-life's, which I've learned to love.
Last week we painted from a picture, which I'll show you another day because the pictures I have of it are really bad.
We also did a live, nude model but I missed it because I was sick. I'm pretty bummed because I heard his penis was really tiny. Like, invisible to the naked eye. (Is that even a pun?)
Anyway, last night my friend GabUSA came over to paint for fun and I decided to paint a miniature still-life from the miniature food I collect. (I've been thinking about doing this for our final exhibit. We have one.)
It was obviously fun but way harder than I thought.
Painting really small is totally different. When I'm painting bigger, I'm more carefree, I don't worry as much about each individual stroke. With the smaller stuff, I couldn't really do that because each tiny move is so dramatic. The tip of the brush was basically the size of a maki.
Which goes to show that the materials are also more important. For example, it's really hard to make small highlights and with a big brush.
Anyway, I think the concept of miniature still-life's is cool, but at the same time, I think the viewer needs to know it's a miniature to appreciate it. I think there's a clever way of doing this. Like what if I incorporated a normal-size hand moving an object in the still-life, or painted a matchstick or penny in the actual painting? (Too cliché?) Anyway, I'll keep thinking about it because I think something interesting/funny (at least to me) could come out of it. I'll show you when I figure it out/feel like it.

(the storm before the calm. it seems to be like that in painting)

(the set-up)

(Gab's pooch)

(seriously, 2 hours later. matchstick isn't painted. just for size ref.)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Miracle Bunny Moment

I never ever ever post YouTube videos on here that have nothing to do with me or my friends or my imaginary friends. But I'm making an exception with this one because I am quite crazy like that and unpredictable. Pajamas! See, you had no idea I was going to say pajamas, I'm crazyyyyy!
Actually, I'm not obsessed with the entire video, just a little tiny snippet. It starts at second 20, where the little girl goes to pet the bunny.
Just watch it and you'll see. Actually, you'll probably just think I'm psychotic and will want to put me in "a home" but watch it anyway.

And now, watch it over and over again until your eyes bleed tears of happiness. Or I guess blood isn't really happy, um, until your eyes create sweet candy that stays chewy forever and tastes like grape. Ok, this is stupid.
Anyway, let's talk about that magical video.
Watch how adorable that little girl is!!! How slowly (and with much effort) she walks over to the little bunny just to pet his little tush, and how quickly he scurries away. But not only that! She doesn't really even mind. She can't! She's too busy trying to fix her shoe that flipped over, did you see??? It's the most magical occurrence of all time!!!! Watch how patiently she just flips it back. And with no complaints at all! She doesn't even mind that the little bunny ran away!!! Ugh, I can't stop watching it. I know her little cameo ends there (wait does it? I was too excited to even finish watching the video) but I'm sure she walked right back to that bunny and did it all over again. Minus the shoe flip, of course, 'cause it's way too amazing for that happen twice. I need a drink. Actually I just wanted to say that 'cause it's a cool way to end an epic moment.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alexis' and Jayne's Big Day!

My friends Jayne and Alexis (Butt, duh) were on TV.
Not only that, but they were on MTV, the epitome of cool.
Not only that that, but they were on the VMA's which are on MTV, the epitome of the epitome of cool.
Not only that that that, but they performed with Taylor Swift* at the VMA's which are on MTV, the epitome of the epitome of the epitome of cool.
Basically, my friends are the infinity epitome of coolness. It would probably burn your eyes just to look at them.
Be careful watching the video.

If you're a dorky Canadian like me, watch the video here.
ps- They're 25, not 12 like their outfits might suggest. They had to make the casting cut. Strategy, people!

*In case you don't know cause you're like 67 and living in an oversized hermit crab shell in a remote island with no internet or TV or life, she won best video. Hello, Kanye. Seriously, get with it. You disgust me.

Alexis: can you also add that shes the number 1 best selling artist in the last 12 months
beating out beyonce and micheal jacksons greatest hits

Reason #23 to be jealous of Jennifer Ghersi

In case you forgot, my sister is the coolest.
She's currently living at home and getting her real estate license so she can work with my mom.
Basically, she's living my dream of being 12 forever.

Yesterday she went out with a client to show him some properties in a Miami sky rise.
In the lobby there was a scale model of the building, complete with little people, trees, cars, etc.
She couldn't resist.
She makes me proud.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Still dreaming of San Francisco...

I just got back from Los Angeles and San Francisco.
It was lovely.
Here are some pictures of what we did.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I found this sitting on my desk at work (the case, not the phone).I decided to find out who it belonged to so I sent out an e-mail to everyone at work.
Unfortunately, nobody claimed it.
Someone did call me out for using Comic Sans.
They were quickly referred to my previous post.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Comic Sans Uprising

I don'even like 7up, let alone diet, but I'll drink it for the Comic Sans.
And you know what, it'll taste really really delicious.
Too-good-for-Comic Sans-designers, grow up.

Lucky Me!

This morning, I got awarded this lovely ribbon from Evepedia.
I feel proud.

Swatch of the Day

I got a new Swatch.
It's the only one like this since they're all hand splatter-painted (by little Chinese babies).
I love that the buckle is left white.
I mean, HHHHwite.