Friday, February 13, 2009


Nobody has more fun than nerds.
This is because people already know they're nerds, so it doesn't really matter what they do anymore. While we're all trying our hardest to be cool, they're just having fun.
This is the secret to life, people.

I learned all this today after work, when I discovered the entire IT department drinking beer and playing Rockband in the conference room (a reoccurring occasion).
(Please note the TV. The game hasn't started yet.)

After about half an hour of technical difficulties (oh, the irony!) and a shit-load of air guitaring, they finally started playing. Wait, that's not even the right definition of irony, is it? Who cares. It was magical! They were SO into it. I immediately wanted to marry all of them, not even kidding.
I still want to marry some of them.
You do too. Trust me.

These guys didn't even come to play...they just came to watch things like this:
And this:
And, um, this too:

But by then, they couldn't resist.
They had to join in...and whip out their lighters (even if they weren't working):Nerd in the bottom left was my fave. He didn't play. Instead, he brought his laptop.

And this wass how they held the drum stand in place when they got too into it.
Can they get any more awesome? NO!
Oh wait, yes they can:
Jeremy and YoYo eventually joined in.
This was right after Jeremy removed his watch for optimal playing purposes, which might actually go beyond nerdom and into loserness.What an awesome Friday.

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