Friday, February 27, 2009

Big Ups to Jayne

I'm really streetwear so I obviously read all the blogs.
And I'm always jealous when the author is bragging about all the "goodies" "Moneylicious" from "uber hip brand" hooked them up" with.
Well tonight, eat your heart out, streetwear blogger.
Because Jayne (aka JJ The Original) sent me (and Doug) this sweetness.
Thanks Jayne. I adore you.
(Beautifully laid out.)

(Original hand-made typography.)

(Custom Stationary.)

(Clever writing.)

(I couldn't wait to get home to eat these Oat Brand pretzels Jayne and I discovered in NY a while back. )

(Awesome/Educational egg packaging.)

And for Douglas:

(Amazing, pre-bitten Timmy Knock-off Boot that Doug couldn't wait to get into.)

He loooves his new boot.
And I'm not just saying that because Jayne reads my blog.
Here's the proof:

(Which one?)


(Genius. Nothing else to say about this.)

Don't even try to get this shit at Colette.

PS- Jayne is going to be a Speech Pathologist when she grows up, but she could totally go into advertising with all that creativity.

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