Wednesday, July 23, 2008

They're High School Cool

I was so cool in high school cause I listened to the Grateful dead while I wore Grateful Dead paraphernalia. I seriously thought it was cool and not in a "so gay it's cool" way. But then horrible things happened and I stopped wearing my Grateful Dead t-shirts and patches. But today, I rediscovered myself (and my body) while looking for some classic, white Jack Purcell's on the Converse website (and while going to pee). I found these:
And I will purchase them. And then, I will wear them. And you will like it. Even if you hate it. Because if not, I will kill you.


Jenny from da Block said...

welcome back, i've (we've???) missed you on the tie-dye side

ghersionmyjersey said...

it feels so right.

julie L said...

wow. we don't need a friendship test jess.

please, put away the credit card.

its best for everyone.