Monday, July 21, 2008

God Bless New Jersey

This weekend was an All-American/All-Amazing Adventure.
I drove down to Jersey with my two favorite Freedomies for Jayne's birthday. We rocked out to Thunder Road as we approached the incredibly underrated town of Chester, where Jayne lives.
The house is just a slice of heaven. Especially when your friends are in it. They have a huge backyard where we played a day-long game of batting and fielding. They have guitar hero projected onto a giant screen in the basement. Right next to the drum set. They have a live-in chef (who also happens to be Jayne's brother, Travis) who makes delicious ribs and truffles. They have chickens! that walk! And they also have old U-School year books and pictures. Obviously, we had the best time there.
And as if that wasn't fun enough, Chester was having a car show on Sunday so we stopped so Jeremy could take pictures and get his pants damp. Then we ate at Friendly's, which made my pants damp. Then Yoann felt left out so he peed in his pants.

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