Friday, March 28, 2008

It's just my life

Not only do you wish that my sister was your sister (or in Yoann's case, lover) but you also wish your boyfriend was famous.
I had a "viewing" at my house yesterday to watch Jeremy on MUSIQUEPLUS (the Montreal version of TRL) promoting his t-shirt brand, Rated Rookies. It was pretty 8th grade and pretty awesome and I forgot the popcorn.
Enjoy this video in all it's French glory.

* Feel free to contact me with any autographed headshot requests you may have. I can hook you up.


Pagette said...

Wow i love these guys! Are they from Montreal?

Is this the guy from Omnikrom ? LoL! ;)

ghersionmyjersey said...


Bahareh & Jelsen said...

just so you know...I watched the whole thing. SO lemme know when the popcorn is ready.