Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ain't no such thing as a virtual trustfall...

I said:

Hi. I am interested in getting more details about your puppy. I am unsure of her age because my French skills are very limited. Please get back to me when you can. Thanks! -Jessica

She said:

hello, you do not understand french, and you are lucky that i am bilingual, i do understand english so you can write to me in english and there will be no problem. actually, i am mme anita miller, my husband is a diplomat. for now, we are in cameroon where he has been sent for a diplomatic mission. we went together because i was pregnant of our first child. we went with our puppy and for now, since i shall soon be delivered of our baby, i am feeling too tired and i cannot more take good care of the puppy also the climate here is too harsh for the puppy. we have therefore decided to offer it to anybody that shall be ready to pay the transport fee. concerning the age which you said you were unsure of because you do not understand french very well, the puppy is 9weeks old,it has recieved all its vaccins and all papers are complete. we are waiting for your reply. thanks. Anny

I said:

Hey Anny.
I am still interested in the puppy.
If it's possible, could you send me some pictures.
Also, how much is the transport fee.
Thanks a lot,

She said:

hello, that is the picture. the transport fee is 197$. i am waiting for your reply.
I said:

Well princess is very cute but unfortunately I think I will continue my search for a male dog. Thanks anyway for the info. Good luck with the baby. Both of them, actually!

She said:

no, you misunderstand me. princess is just the name i gave to the file , since when you attach a file in your message, you must name it. it was just out of a little negligence that i did not put the real name of the puppy. its real name is WITTY, and it is a male as you saw in the ads, not a female as you now think. so you should know that the puppy is a male and its name is WITTY, dont mind, princess is just the name i usedf to attach the file, since a file attached must be named. if you doubt of what we say to you, i suggest that you can call my husband and ask him any question that you want concerning the puppy. he is actually using this phone number: +237 22 06 01 39.
thanks and we are waiting for your reply. or if it be that the transport fee is too high, i think we can co-sponsor it because we really want this puppy to go into good hands.

I said:

Hmmmm, I don't really want to call your husband, thanks.
But it is a bit suspicious since the ad said you had a female and the file was named princess.
I've heard of many people who name their dog princess but never anyone who thinks highly enough of their files to name them such a thing.
It all seems a bit strange.

***Stay tuned for her response***


Alli said...


leXroX said...

hahahhaha canada's weird.

Bahareh & Jelsen said...

see, i love reading about your life already! hillarious. are you getting a puppy for real?

Jelsen said...

oh man, i almost cried reading this. the positive kind, silly!

ghersionmyjersey said...

yes i want a pup!
preferably a french bulldog named douglas yancey funny.

jennifer said...

i trully bought every word she sayd, and decided you were an idiot for not getting him/her. but now i guess it is a bit suspicious....literally, laughing out loud....i loooove u for being the coolest ever!

apy said...

I love your blog, really the funniest and the best ever!!!

Natalie said...

why don't you just ask for a picture of his pee-pee?

Eve Martel said...
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Eve Martel said...

Obvious scam... and I love it!

Ask her to take a picture of herself with a fish on her head and a sign that says "Jessica rulzz"