Monday, November 2, 2009

I can't wait for my boobs to touch Lil Wayne's Face

I got a pretty sa-weet new shirt, courtesy of RJ, aka the coolest Hollywoodian (Florida, duh).
I've decided to wear this temporary tear drop tattoo all day long to go with the theme.
Thanks Laura Kim Jong Il, aka the coolest North Korean, for delivering it to me so safely and smelling like kimchee.
Just Joshin Ya! It actually smells like calbi.
Beeteedubs, did I ever tell you about the time my friend and I spent the entire flight from Arkansas to Florida sitting next to Lil Wayne and making him prove to us that he was in fact the guy in the album cover I was holding in my hand?
This was like 10 years ago. I think the album was "Tha Block is Hot" and I had no idea who he was. Another girl who loved him was also on the trip with us and had told us.
I remember asking him things like "If this is really you, then why aren't you in first class?" and "There's no tear drop tattoo in this picture".
(He said he got a last minute flight and he got the tattoo after.)
I still didn't believe him so I reached over and touched his "fur" coat (which he wore throughout the entire flight) and said "This isn't even real".
I think he found the entire ordeal pretty entertaining. I mean who wouldn't think that's the most fun in the world?
PS- I was a fat kid.

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pubLEX said...

this is my 3rd favorite butt story. actually no, its my 2nd.