Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Such a Faux Pas-ckage!

Yesterday at work, Gay-F received a record he ordered from some company in Gainesville, Florida. Since Dan lived there for like 6 years, we thought it would be funny to make him think it was for him. And since he decided to go for like a two hour lunch yesterday, we had plenty of time to make it happen.For some obnoxious reason, both Gay-F and Dan got the world's most serious phonecalls when Dan finally began to open it so I was left to giggle like a fool all by myself.
Dan examined it for like an hour before opening it. He looked very confused.
Oh wait, he always looks liek that! Burrrrrn.When Dan saw what it was, he giggled.
But not even out loud so the person on the phone wouldn't hear.
It was somehow pretty lame but awesome at the same time.
Hey Reader, I Love You.

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