Thursday, February 11, 2010

Swatch of the Day

This is one of my most favoritest from my collection since I used to be a dorky gymnast who wore gymnastics shirts to school every day of the week. I think I'll bring that back, except that instead of school, it will be me alone in my apartment since that's what I do now. One of the coolest shirts I had had a picture of a girl doing a leap with a basketball, soccer ball, baseball, and football crossed out all around her and it said "You don't need balls, to be a great athlete." I remember thinking that was the best when I was 11 because it had the word "balls" on it. I guess I've always been this cool. Speaking of cool, this Swatch has Nadia Comaneci on it who was the first gymnast to ever get a perfect ten in the Olympics. On the bars, my always and forever favorite event, and in Montreal. This Swatch is a tribute to that little fact. It says 1.00 instead of 10.00 because the scoreboards weren't even equipped to display ten's. So rad.