Monday, September 21, 2009

Miracle Bunny Moment

I never ever ever post YouTube videos on here that have nothing to do with me or my friends or my imaginary friends. But I'm making an exception with this one because I am quite crazy like that and unpredictable. Pajamas! See, you had no idea I was going to say pajamas, I'm crazyyyyy!
Actually, I'm not obsessed with the entire video, just a little tiny snippet. It starts at second 20, where the little girl goes to pet the bunny.
Just watch it and you'll see. Actually, you'll probably just think I'm psychotic and will want to put me in "a home" but watch it anyway.

And now, watch it over and over again until your eyes bleed tears of happiness. Or I guess blood isn't really happy, um, until your eyes create sweet candy that stays chewy forever and tastes like grape. Ok, this is stupid.
Anyway, let's talk about that magical video.
Watch how adorable that little girl is!!! How slowly (and with much effort) she walks over to the little bunny just to pet his little tush, and how quickly he scurries away. But not only that! She doesn't really even mind. She can't! She's too busy trying to fix her shoe that flipped over, did you see??? It's the most magical occurrence of all time!!!! Watch how patiently she just flips it back. And with no complaints at all! She doesn't even mind that the little bunny ran away!!! Ugh, I can't stop watching it. I know her little cameo ends there (wait does it? I was too excited to even finish watching the video) but I'm sure she walked right back to that bunny and did it all over again. Minus the shoe flip, of course, 'cause it's way too amazing for that happen twice. I need a drink. Actually I just wanted to say that 'cause it's a cool way to end an epic moment.

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Eve Martel said...

I'm partial to the "Bunny in a hand basket" moment near the end.