Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mom/Son Bonding

Doug and I had the night of our lives last night.
First, I taught him how to catch:

Once he mastered catching, we moved on to another trick.

Then we took sexy pics of ourselves.

And we even tried to see life from each other's perspective.
Grandma came home in the middle of this and thought it was a little bit disturbing/awesome.

Doug was especially excited to see Grandma's scarf.

Then I left Doug for 3 hours so I could go play soccer.
The End.

(I can,t figure out why that stupid space is there in the beginning. Suck it.)


Jenny from da BLOG said...

you look good in a crate

pubLEX said...

i love this because i know how long it takes to upload a video to blogger.

ghersionmyjersey said...

thank you, butt.
you could not have left a better comment.
oh, hey jenny.

jessicab said...

the fact that I just sat here and watched every single one of those videos tells me i need to get a life. Or a dog.