Friday, December 5, 2008

Ha Ha Ha! Merry Christmas!

I've always been pretty obsessed with Christmas and this year, I actually get to celebrate it (Jeremy's family tradition). I'm too excited about it, probably due to all those years of deprivation, so I spend a lot of my day talking about presents. Since that's obviously what Christmas is all about.
Today I was computer window-shopping on and I discovered that you can actually customize their classic boots. I did.
And then I did this:
(in an e-mail sent to Jeremy)
I just got an e-mail about your christmas gift telling me it’s gonna be a month late!!!!!!
I won’t receive it until january 27!!!!!!
I’m so sad.
So I’m gonna get you something else and this will just become your after christmas for no reason gift.
Anyway I’m so mad I’m just showing it to you now.
Fuck christmas.
I'm awesome at Christmas.

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