Wednesday, December 10, 2008

13 Step Program: Step 1

I secretly want to be a cake decorator.
Unfortunately, I suck at the actual baking part.
I lack practice and tools, like a mixer.
Maybe I can open a BYOC (bring your own cake/cookie/cupcake) store where I decorate people's home-made c's. Maybe not.
Anyway, I decorated some cookies yesterday with my roommate Nicole.
It was fun and I'm pretty satisfied with the results.
Look closely and you can see the potential there.
But not too closely.
Futbol Head

Clown in Bikini

Little Ghetto Boy

Rated Rookie

Stupid Pregnant Teen

Happily Expecting Dinosaur

Boring Gingerbread Loaf

Non-Professional Working Station


Jelsen said...

wow. let me know when you're looking for investors.

julie L said...

i'm so not impressed at your lack of me in this baking project.

Was it not OUR dream?
our Secret dream?

i secretly cry now.

jennifer said...

I love them...can u do my alcoholic drug addict boyfriend's birthday???