Wednesday, August 20, 2008

By the way, En passant...

i'm just letting you know that i will be traveling to La Lovely France, Southside, this friday for two weeks.
i know you don't really care, and honestly, i don't really care to tell you, but i'm just trying to avoid one of those moments later on where you're like "oh shit, you are/were in france! you didn't tell me you were going." and then i say something like "yes i did." and then you say soemething like "no. you didn't. you don't tell me anything." and then i go to say something else but then i pause because we both realize what a pointless discussion this is. yeah, let's not do that.

on a completely unrelated note...
i had no idea checks cost money. i just spent 30 bucks on 100 checks and they don't even look like this. bullfuckingshit.

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