Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dead Dog

Grant, Serifcan (pronounced Sheriff John) and I started this game at work called Dead Dog.
Grant draws a picture of a dead dog, and we add something to it that brings it back to life.
Just like in real life, Grant kills and we revive.
It's hours of unproductive fun.
Today, we did a quick one during a conference call. We're so mature.
Usually there's a reason for the dog's death (like an arrow in the head or it's sawed in half) so it's more challenging.
There was one awesome one where it was a head being chopped on a guillotine and we added a body and a cigarette to the dog as if it was just chillin, smoking a cigarette, reclined against the guillotine. No big whoop.
But I didn't think about taking photos until today and I threw them out.
You will just have to wait until new ones, little ones.

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