Friday, January 15, 2010

Homage a Mi Familia Ghersi

No memories will ever top those of growing up in Venezuela with my family. I'm a lucky bitch.

(clockwise from top left: Abuelo Agustin, mi tia Marielba, Abuela Teresa, mi tio Alexis, mi Papa, mi tio Carlos. PS-How stunning is my grandma?!)

(That's me in my mom's arms. Where there's a Ghersi, there's Whisky.)

(My Abuelo Agustin in Forida, I think.)

(Abuelo Agustin and me, so very happy.)
(Everyone except for 2 people in this picture is either my brother, sister, or first cousin.
I was so beautiful and wore really cool Indian print shirts.)


Jenn said...

Ughhhh i miss that blue shirt!

Lindsay said...