Monday, October 26, 2009

Merci Mami!!!!!!!!

I just got a thousand lb. package from Jeremy's grannie, auntie, and parentals.
It's filled with cheese, chocolate, cheese, chocolate, cheese, and chocolate.
Soon, I too will be a thousand lbs.
And it'll have been worth every bite.
I was so excited opening it, I sliced my finger open with the scissors.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Miranda Nature Camp

I'm going to France this winter.
Doug's too fat to come along so that's not an option.
I remember hearing about "Miranda Nature Camp" when Butt left Leroy there while on vacation a while back.
MNC was born and has since gained quite a following from the canine community.
If you've read this blog before you know the Miranda's are one of the coolest family's on this here planet. They have chickens, hello. Earth to you.
You can probably imagine how magical this place is.
Actually, you don't need to, here's a picture from the summer '08 session of Leroy enjoying the facilities.As you probably guessed by now, Douglas Yancey Funnie will be attending the Winter 09-10 session. He was accepted after the following e-mail registration exchange took place.
(MNC is in blue, I'm in italic)

Greetings Ms. Ghersi!

MNC staff had its final camper admissions meeting last night and we would like to officially invite Douglas Yancey to camp for the Winter 09/10 season. We know he will be a great asset to our already prestigious roster. Not to toot our own horn, but we have had some very special campers in the past (Walker T. and Leroy Kaplan just to name a few) so you should feel extremely proud of your son. The following are rules and procedures we have established to ensure a fun and safe season at Miranda Nature Camp.

Wow. I'm delighted to receive such a thorough response.
It is already clear that Doug is going to have an amazing time there
I've heard plenty of dogs raving* about MNC up here in Montreal!
I see what all the pupfuss is about now

Here is the information requested:

1. Please send your camper with:
a. his favorite toy from home
b. a picture of his mother and/or father
c. his favorite food

To be provided

2. Please provide a list of non-standard food items that your camper CANNOT consume. We take field trips to a canine bakery and we must ensure food safety among our campers.

Chocolate, excessive amounts of dairy, rodents, rabid animals, other people's lunch

3. Please provide us with your address (email or postal service) so that you may receives letters from your camper as well as the PawPad (our MNC weekly bulletin).

mailing address:

4. Please answer "He loves 'em!" to the following question:
-How does your camper feel about chickens?

He loves "em! Especially roasted.

5. Food packages are unnecessary, though they are allowed. Campers will visit the canteen twice per week where they may purchase both food and toy items.

You don't say!

6. Please send your camper with a carrier for train trips into New York City.

Um, OK. Does he have to be able to fit in this carrier? That may be a problem.

7. If your camper is prone to vomiting when he plays too hard, that's not cool. But as our oldest camper, Chief, is prone to pooing all over camp grounds during thunderstorms, Manny, our head boys counselor, doubles as clean-up crew and will also mop up vomit. However, after two such occurrences, we do not clean the vomit and instead require the camper to eat it for dinner, thus ensuring his understanding of the crime=punishment procedure.

I'm down with your policy and I'm sure Douglas will be too. He's a big fan of vomiting and then eating it. He likes it so much he purposely plays too hard until he pukes and can enjoy his meal all over again.

We are pleased to have Douglas at camp this season and can't wait to see him again/meet him! Please provide us with your complete itinerary when it is available.

Love you!
Paula, John, and Jayne Miranda
Miranda Nature Camp Staff

Once again, Thank so very much for providing such a wonderful service.
You have no idea what a relief it is to know that Douglas will be in good hands and enjoying his winter vacation.
I've already told Douglas about it and he simply can't contain his excitement.
In fact he's already started practicing his camper skills.
I've attached some pictures to show you.
Thanks again.

Jessica Ghersi
Proud Camp Mom

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Canadian Thanksgiving

One of the one good thing about living in Canada is getting to celebrate Thanksgiving twice.
This past weekend I had a potluck dinner with some work/life friends/partners.
The food was surreal. The turkey was so moist and delicious.
(I got to carve it and discovered my new talent.)
And there was a fantastic cheese plate for after dessert dessert which I literally had to shove into my mouth because I was so full.
But I had to show these Canucks how it's done over in America, the happiest place on Earth.After we ate we thought it was a really good idea to jump on the bed and take air-bound pictures. We got really into it.
It got a little out of control which is always fun.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh, well hello there, Ryan Dhal

I was looking for google images of "islands" for a project at work and this image came up.That's not only weird because it has nothing to do with an island, but also because that's my pole vaulting coach from college.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Heather 2.0

This is probably the only time you'll see Header on the internet since she's kind of an 80 year old grannie.

(look on the porch, behind the red car)

Although I have a feeling she'll be popping that tiny little head of hers on this here blog quite a bit in the near future.

Friday, October 2, 2009

is my header image too big?

nah. never!

Tom Hanks You

This morning I realized that when I say thanks to people online i can type it like "t.hanks" and be saying tom hanks.
Stuff like this makes me really excited.
So, t.hanks t.hanks!