Thursday, October 15, 2009

Canadian Thanksgiving

One of the one good thing about living in Canada is getting to celebrate Thanksgiving twice.
This past weekend I had a potluck dinner with some work/life friends/partners.
The food was surreal. The turkey was so moist and delicious.
(I got to carve it and discovered my new talent.)
And there was a fantastic cheese plate for after dessert dessert which I literally had to shove into my mouth because I was so full.
But I had to show these Canucks how it's done over in America, the happiest place on Earth.After we ate we thought it was a really good idea to jump on the bed and take air-bound pictures. We got really into it.
It got a little out of control which is always fun.


nick and nat said...

Is that your apartment? (Or do y'all say "flat" up there?) If so, why does it look like it belongs to an adult and not a 12 year-old boy?

apy said...

Seriously, you were full!?
That's fucking weird!
Cheers from Paris. This evening seemed amazing. I miss you!