Monday, June 29, 2009

Joyeux Anniversaires!

The three Frenchies all have their birthdays in the same week so we had a little menage-a-trois at OTH to celebrate last weekend.I made Pabellon for about 50 people and came home with rice and beans for a hundred. Still don't get it.
I also ordered some Venezuelan specialties (arepas, tequenos, cachapas) that I grew up on and Jeremy wishes he did. (Cover your computer/pants before you click on those links.)
Here are pictures of the event.
Some of the highlights include choreographed group dancing, House Industries typography cupcakes, and camouflaged net canopy partying.
The pictures are a bit more explicative but not much really.PS- If you're a stalker and want to see more pictures,
I'm uploading them to my Flickr which is only going to take like 7 hours.

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