Monday, May 25, 2009

Doug Park

French Bulldogs don't do so well in harsh weather conditions.
Because of their flat faces, they have shorter breathing systems and therefore less possibility of cooling the air which they draw into their bodies. And since dogs don't sweat, all they can do to release body heat is pant. So it's pretty easy for them to get heat stroke.

All this makes me nervous for the summer.
Lindsay and I took Doug to the dog park yesterday. It wasn't even that hot and he was panting before we even got there.
He wasn't as excited as he usually is when he sees other dogs. He went straight for the shade.Eventually, when he couldn't resist anymore, he got up an joined in the fun.
It took him a second to find it. But he did.It was too much fun actually.
As I was bragging to some lady about how awesome French Bulldogs are, Doug ran to me as a 3-second-long stream of white puke flowed from his smiling mouth.
Time to go home.We almost didn't make it.
I carried him part of the way.
And he lived happily ever after watching TV with his uncle.PS- Do you know any vets in Montreal who specialize in French Bulldogs?


Coralene said...

I was not ready for the puke but that's hilarious. He's just a little relax-y boy! Doug, what a good dog name.

Jayne said...

love the shirt jeremy.

Lindsay said...

dougie was a trouper!

jessicab said...

oh doug!!!! Why didn't you get a pic of the puke? I'm disappointed