Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rubik's Torment

Today I pulled an old Rubik's cube out of my drawer.
It's a dream of mine to solve it.
It's been a dream for a long time.
I can always get one face, but from there it's hard to figure out the rest.
I never know if I should go for the adjacent or the opposite side next.
I usually end up with one face and 8 pieces of an adjacent one. And a lots of frustration.
I know there's a logical/mathematical explanation but it has yet to click in my brain.
I can wait.

I'm going to Costa Rica on Friday.
I think I'll bring this evil, little cube with me for the bus/plane.
Wish me brain.


pubLEX said...

were wearing the same outfit today.

Tony Tanti said...

try to get a 2x2x2 corner. and from there you you might have a chance of getting it. Make sure this corner is always there. Getting one face done, will never work... trust me it took me a year or so to get mine done.

fuzzycozy said...

i got all side except one... still to figure it out