Sunday, March 22, 2009

Delirious Puppy

I'm still at work finishing this fucking pitch that I love/hate all at the same time.
While I was waiting for the document to be packaged so I can go over it, I found this comment on Doug's page from when he was puppy of the day on the Daily Puppy.
Larry Bosco can suck it.
I sent him this friendly message.
Then I found this comment from some other loser.
I was gonna e-mail this bitch but look.
That picture looked fake and she didn't have any pictures of puppies up on her page and also, her name is fucking whack. So instead, I told on her to The Daily Puppy.
Fuck, I forgot to screen shot that but the message was really long and dorky.
I'll update when they reply.

1 comment:

Eve Martel said...

About the last offender: her failure to use a space after each coma in her profile is a clear sign that she is a potential serial killer. So thank you, Jessica, for probably saving the lives of many children (and puppies) by telling on her to the power that be.

Good night and God bless.