Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Cast My Vote

Today I voted.

First, I changed into my voting kicks.

I carefully made my choices in my uber long absentee ballot.

I got into it.
And spent two hours googling all the other candidates which nobody told me I also had to vote for. Like this lady:I didn't vote for her. She's way too old to be cool.

Oh and there were also amendments in there. I bought almost all of them.
I'm glad I got to do it with my computer in front of me.
Cause I was expecting something more like: Obama: Yes__ No__

*************************God Bless Burgerica*************************


pubLEX said...

i did that today too!

ill change into my american flag bikini to put it in the mailbox.

Eve Martel said...

so THAT'S what happens at my desk when I'm not around...

Jelsen said...

God Bless VeggieBurgerica, indeed.