Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DEJA-VU///Fall-Winter 2008

I have a lot of shit to do at work so I'm obviously looking for pointless, yet entertaining ways to avoid it. This morning, Gab and I developed an extremly high-end line of shopping bags. If they weren't free at the Sid Lee boutique that's soon to open in Amsterdam, they'd be a million dollars each. They would also be featured in all the fashion magazines and become really trendy and you would buy them because you're a follower.
We call this new project "Deja-Vu". One day, we hope to extend our creations beyond brown paper bags and onto wallets, t-shirts, trucker hats (in an attempt to bring them back) and maybe even Russian dolls.
Here's a sneak peek at our lookbook.


Bahareh & Jelsen said...

dope!! Can you open a SidLee here in nyc so that i can get a free one?!


Malvi said...



What's up?