Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Miranda's Got Chickens!

One of my favorite families in the universe is The Miranda's. They live out in Chester New Jersey where there's not much except for nice people, the Chester Diner and some misplaced Mexicans. Oh and hamburger cake (although it's not exactly in Chester). Their house is awesome and has tons of acres of land where we ride the ATV and play baseball. It's my second home.
Recently, as in yesterday, the Miranda's got chickens. Six of them. They're fucking precious (see below) and the best part is that they were born only two days ago. Do you know what tat means? Yesterday, they were actually born yesterday. Obviously Jayne and I are obsessed with this since it was the best opportunity to make 45-year-old dad jokes using the expression "well they weren't born yesterday". I wasn't there so it was up to Jayne to squeeze the old saying into conversation as smoothly and as many times as possible. She got it in there 9 times in the short span of about 6 hours. Her parents also got in on the action and together, they managed to say it about 21 times. The Mirandas rule.

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