Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just the Tip

You know what I really love?
Just the tip.
At work, we're obsessed with saying "Just the Tip" whenever appropriate.
And whenever not appropriate.
And not at work too.
You know why?
Because it's hilarious.
Even though we don't need a reminder of "Just the Tip" because "Just the Tip" is so hilarious it's always on just the tip of our tongues, Coral and I draw "Just the Tip" tattoos on our arms every day.I wanted to share "Just the Tip", actually the whole thing, with Jayne so I drew a "Just the Tip" tattoo on her arm in pink ink (which we'll call "pink" to save time).
She must have been leaning on her arm because I just got this beauty shot in an e-mail from her.
You can make out just the tip.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Poor, pathetic little Stapley...

Stapley's so sad because everyone keeps pounding on his face!

A fax came...

Jayne was going to fax (for real) something at Kinko's so we obviously thought it'd be a great opportunity for her to send me a fax too.
And boy oh boy was it amazing!
It was just as amazing as I imagined it would be back in 1996 when I used to imagine faxes. Amazing faxes. Like this one.In case you didn't know 'cause you're still living, faxes (faxi?) have really shitty quality.
********Update: Fax me!!!!! 917-595-2299**********

A letter came...

A very special letter, with a very special gift inside.
Just joshin, you're so silly you believed that.
It was sillybandz, duh.
I had to share with Coral, but that's OK, because I got the Florida one.
And that's all I've ever asked for in life.
Ever. In life.

Oh, and PS- Hi again!